Wschód, Warsaw, PL
with works by Rosa Aiello, Centrala, Jan Domicz
03.03 — 03.04.2019

Gianni Pettena froze a typical Minneapolis suburban house in a block of ice in 1971. The building was covered with wooden structure, to which water was poured in the early winter months.The building became one single ice cube - a form that emerged from the sequence of suburban houses lined up along the street.
„Thaw” exhibition begins when the original shape of the house should slowly emerge from the block of melting ice. „Thaw” presents three interweaving narratives forced upon households by nature and other seemingly external forces. The transformative potential was used as a tool to understand the internal structures of exhibited works. The greenhouse by Jan Domicz in the entrance of the gallery is heated with energy extracted from a computer mining crypto-currency. Architectural model by Centrala shows a house without artificial lighting, where system of white elements helps to navigate through the building. The video by Rosa Aiello uses relation between language and changing seasons of a year.

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